Dassnagar manufactures world class tension levelling lines for flat rolled steel and aluminium
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Tension Levelling Lines

Tension Leveling

In many cases, the sheet metal flatness required of today's strip metal processors can only be achieved by the use of tension levellers. Precision flatness is obtained when the metal's fiber lengths are made uniform across the entire width of the strip by elongating the metal beyond its yield point. When the strip is passed through the leveller under tension internal stresses within the metal are eliminated, and flatness or shape correction to tolerances approaching zero "I" units can be achieved.

Tension Levelling lines can be "Coil-to-Coil" or "Coil-to-Sheet" type or a combination. Dassnagar manufactures both varieties for processing both ferrous and non-ferrous strip.

Dassnagar tension leveller capacities range from strip thickness 0.15 mm to 3.5 mm and strip width 1,000 mm (39") to 2,461 mm (96"). We also offer combination lines with both coil-to-coil and coil-to-sheet facilities.

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Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
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Tension Leveller

Consists of an un-driven leveller arrangement with entry and exit tension bridles. The degree of elongation required to level the strip is primarily determined by the differential in speed or tension generated between the two bridles. This is controlled automatically by a microprocessor based system. Bridles vary in configuration and complexity, depending on the type and dimensions of the strip metal to be processed. They can be equipped with several different drive systems. These include closed-loop mechanical differentials, all-electric drives and combination electro-mechanical drives.

Depending upon the customer's application and material to be run, our levellers can be equipped with two, four, five or seven work-roll modules. Work-roll configurations include six-high for processing surface-critical strip and four-high for non surface-critical applications. In several designs, the work-roll modules are removable for cleaning and maintenance. With others, the entire upper frame of the leveller can be pivoted open to allow access for cleaning and maintenance. All levelers feature neutralizing sections which follow the work-roll modules. They relieve the stresses induced in the strip as it passes, under high tension, over the last work roll. Neutralizers can be of two-roll or multiple-roll design and neutralises cross bow and cannoe.

Salient Features

  • wide processing range 0.128 to 6.21 mm, 1000 to 2461 mm, input coil wt 40 Mt for strips,
  • suited to process full hard, annealed, stainless steel and aluminium
  • high productivity - top operating speed of 300 MPM,
  • five-roll, four-high leveller with segmented back- ups and two roll neutralizing section,
  • all-electric driven bridles control speed and tension in this tension-leveling section,
  • four-roll, six-high unit for extended gauge range applications,
  • two-roll, six-high unit with multi-roll neutralizing section,
  • removable roll catridges for galvanising line,
  • entry end of coil-to-coil line featuring inspection area to check quality of strip flatness,
  • tension levelling section utilizes closed-loop mechanical drive arrangements,
  • servicing within 48 hrs in any corner of the world,
  • readily shippable spare parts,
  • in house manufacturing of all equipment to maintain quality
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