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Colour Coating Lines


Dassnagardesigns and builds Colour Coating lines can be designed to coat both ferrous and non-ferrous strip. The lines can be simple, semi-continuous type with infra-red ovens to high speed continuous lines with a standard catenary and "floater-type" convection oven.

Coating lines can be designed for water or solvent based liquids (Alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, organosols, plasterols, phenolics, polyesters, polyurethenes, vinyls, PVF/PVF-2).

These lines offer a very wide range of features like Tension Levelling sections.

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Tata Ryerson Continuous Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line


Dassnagar light gauge color coating lines caters to strip thickness 0.154 mmto 1.92 mm and widths 1000 mm to 1846 mm. These lines process strip for a wide variety of end uses such as the manufacture of appliances (refrigerators, stoves, etc.), building products (siding, roofing, eavetroughs, etc.), office equipment (desks, filing cabinets, shelving etc.) and food and beverage containers.

Dassnagar heavy-gauge lines can process thickness up to 3.20 mm (0.125 in.) and are ideal for coating hot and cold-rolled steel strip used to manufacture building products such as purlin and girts, and parts for the transportation industry.

Salient Features

DassnagarColor Coated lines offer a very wide range of features. Depending on the application, these may include:

  • Highly-automated entry and exit sections, ensuring efficient coil handling,
  • Horizontal or Vertical strip accumulators at entry and exit,
  • Single-head or turret-head edge trimmers,
  • Fixed or shuttle-type scrap choppers,
  • Pre-lap, limited overlap or flash-butt welders and sticher type joining,
  • Tension Levelling systems,
  • Alkali and/or acid pre-cleaning systems having spray and removal brush stations,
  • Spray or dip type pre-treatment sections and/or "dried-in-place" coaters & driers,
  • Vertical & Horizontal or "S" or "T" type configuration coaters,
  • Laminators and/or embossers,
  • Direct or indirect-fired category or a "floater type" convection ovens, electric or gas fired or infra-red ovens
  • Level 1 or 2 or 3 automation and management information data,
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