Cut to Length Lines Dassnagar manufactures precision Cut to Length Lines (CTL) for flat rolled steel and aluminum. Our Autograde Cut to Length Lines come with start-stop and flying die shearing options, with precision six hi shape correction levellers.
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Cut to Length Line

Dassnagar manufactures precision Cut to Length Lines and other special purpose coil processing lines for ferrous and non-ferrous rolling mills, service centers, toll processors, industrial and automotive users. Almost each and every reputed plant or toll processor in India have at least one turnkey Cut to Length Line installation by Dassnagar.

Our Start-stop, Roll Feed and Flying die Shearing Line come with precision shape correction leveller, coil cars, magnetic stacker, edge trimmer etc. Dual purpose Cut to Length lines are also available. Custom configurations - Roll Forming Line with Cut to Length at entry, slitting line with cut to length section at exit are available. In recent times our Auto-grade Cut to Length Lines are in huge demand and we will soon launch Multi-blanking Lines.

With over 30 yrs of  Cold Rolling Machinery manufacturing  experience, and over 75 Cut to Length installations  400 - 2500 mm0.11-20 mm10 to 125 MPM , we are reckoned among the front runners in Coil Processing machinery manufacturing industry. 

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Cut to Length Lines  

Dassnagar cut-to-length lines have been serving several ferrous and non-ferrous producer mills, service centers, toll processors, industrial and automotive users and many more.

Custom Layout lines, such as Roll Forming with entry Cut to Length section, are also available. All technically feasible coil processing equipment combinations are available with excellent turnaround time.  Email us at with your detail specifications.

Cut-to-Length Offerings

Cut-to-Length lines can be categorised as follows :

  • Start-Stop cut-to-length lines featuring mechanical stop cut shear and drop stacker - Proposed for hot, cold-rolled steel, GP coils.
  • Flying Die shearing lines - Proposed for processing surface-critical material [ e.g. autograde cut to length lines ]
  • Roll-Feed CTL Lines Featuring hydraulic shear, shape correction leveller, floor mounted coil cars - Proposed for medium and light-gauge strips.
  • Narrow width roll feed cut-to-length lines with mechanical shears. - Proposed for small set-ups.
  • Precision Flying-Shear cut-to-length lines with quick - change die sets - Proposed for surface critical material and high productivity demands.
  • Cut-to-length lines with edge trimming - Proposed for side burr coils.
  • Multi-purpose lines - Roll Forming with Cut to Length at entry section, Loop Slitting Line with exit Cut to Length section.
  • Multi-Blanking Lines with flying dieset shear, magnetic stacker, edge positioning control - Proposed for Autograde Cut to Length Lines.

Shape Correction Leveller

Shape Correction Leveler is an integral part of Cut to Length Line. Dassnagar shape correction levellers have been built to achieve the precision-flat strip that today's industry demands. They are available in 4-hi and 6-hi configurations and can be supplied either as single units or as tandem levellers, depending upon the range of  thickness to be processed. These precision levellers can also be equipped with an interchangeable cartridge feature with two or more sets of rolls. This feature is ideal for users who need to process a wide thickness range and cannot afford the space required for a tandem leveller arrangement. It also allows ease of roll cleaning and maintenance.

Shearing systems

The shear system is the heart of every cut to length and multi-blanking line, since it determines output and sheet length accuracy. The success of the shear system lies not only in precision-built machinery, but also in the quality and reliability of the electrical and control equipment that ties the line together. Dassnagar Cut to Length Lines feature state-of-the-art AC variable-frequency or positional drives. Our control systems can include line automation such as computer diagnostics and statistical process controls as well as management information and production control systems.

Stacking systems

Selecting the appropriate sheet stacker is critical to the productivity of any cut to length line. Dassnagar offers a wide range of stackers, including mechanical drop-arm designs for heavier applications and air-flotation, vacuum and magnetic designs for surface-critical, lighter-gauge sheets. For high-production applications, tandem arrangements are available. These allow the line to continue to process sheets into one stacker while completed stacks are being discharged from the other.

Other stacking systems can include a wide variety of pallet loading, stack weighing, storage and discharge conveyor units.

Salient Features of Cut-To-Length Lines

  • wide processing range 0.11 mm to 20 mm, 400 mm - 2000 mm, 317 mm to 4500 mm stackable sheet length, input coil 30 Mt,
  • high productivity with quality, line speed 10-125 mpm,
  • high speed mechanical shears - cycle time under 200 millisec - 60 cuts/min,
  • wide shape correction (levelling) range - 0.4 - 6.0 mm,
  • mechanical up cut shear with pneumatic clutch and brake,
  • flying die-set shear with traveling conveyor and CNC control,
  • side trimming / slitter may be incorporated,
  • wide range of stackers - air float stacker, magnetic stacker, drop stacker, combination stacker with motorised pallet/piling discharge system,
  • multiple stacking options - straight line, staggard stack,
  • auto tail out function ensures that the coil is processed till its tail,
  • competitively priced lines - starts at 0.50 million US$,
  • servicing within 48 hrs in any corner of the world,
  • readily shippable spare parts,
  • in house manufacturing of all equipment to maintain quality.

   To know more, email to with your processing requirements.

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