Galvanising Lines Dassnagar manufactures precision Galvanising Lines.
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Galvanising Lines

State of Art Galvanising Lines

Dassnagar offers Hot-Dip Galvanising Lines in collaboration with M/s. Nippon Dendro Mfg Co Ltd. The galvanizing lines can deposit a wide range of coating materials on the steel strip. The materials can be Pickled Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel of CQ, DQ quality & full hard.

These lines are of two types :

Modified Wet Flux Galvanizing Process

This technology allows us to offer lines of 40,000 tpa to 160,000 tpa. The lines can handle thickness from 0.1 mm to 4 mm up to 1500 mm wide.

Non - Oxidising Galvanizing Process

Dassnagar offers Furnace Galvanizing lines up to a capacity of 250,000 tpa. Our designs include a choice of horizontal and vertical furnaces. Not only do we offer cleaning of the strip via the furnace, we can support this with a wet section cleaning system. Both annealing and heat to coat processes are available.

Galvanising Lines - Offerings

Dassnagar galvanizing lines are designed to meet the requirements of customers, with the addition of  value added equipment such as:

  • Horizontal or Vertical non-oxidizing type furnace,
  • Horizontal or Vertical strip accumulators at entry and exit,
  • Edge Trimmers,
  • Pre-lap, limited overlap or flash-butt welders,
  • Pre-cleaning sections (Alkali or acid),
  • Steel or Ceramic galvanising pots (single, dual or triple-shuttle type),
  • Air or nitrogen coating knives,
  • Mini/Zero spangle fixtures (using steam, water/chemicals and zinc dust),
  • Galvaneal furnace Closed-loop coating weight gauges for controlling coating thickness,
  • Dip, spray & coater type passivating system,
  • Tension levelling sections,
  • Skin pass mill,
  • Level 2 or 3 automation,

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