Dassnagar manufactures state of art Coil Processing Lines, coil dividing, slitting and special purpose sheet metal processing plants.
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Special Purpose Coil Processing Lines


Dassnagar offers special purpose Coil Processing Lines like slitting, cut-to-length, roll forming, rewinding, decoiling, coil build-up, shearing, slitting, coil dividing, push-pull pickling, electrolytic cleaning, color coating, coil to coil normalising, tension levelling, multi-blanking, polishing, embossing. Multi-purpose coil processing lines like "roll forming with cut-to-length", "slitting with cut-to-length", "color coating or galvanising with tension levelling", tailor made to the specific customer requirement. Custom configured coil processing lines are also available on request. 

Our special purpose coil processing lines can process CR, HR, GP, Color coated, CRGO (silicon steel), stainless steel, super alloys, special steels and non-ferrous metal like aluminum, brass, copper

Dassnagar is the ONLY coil processing line manufacturer from India, with the credit of executing a continuous Coil to coil Normalising line suited to processing of electrical silicon steel. The 105 meter long coil to coil processing line encompasses a naphtha fired normalising furnace, shot blasting, air/water rinsing section, besides terminal equipment like coil cars, dual uncoiler, recoiler, pinch roll, five roll straightener, double row stitcher,horizontal and vertical strip accumulator, steering roll unit and more. Strip tension inside the normalising furnace is maintained by electrically controlled by bridle roll tensioner units, one on each end of furnace.

Tata Ryerson Continuous Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line

Coil Processing Lines

Coil build-up lines are used to increase coil diameters by welding smaller coils together. This permits increased production running times of subsequent processes. Build-up lines may be provided with either flash - butt or prep-lap welders. These welders are capable of producing reusable welds of the same thickness as the parent metal strip.

Rewind and inspection lines permit customers to thoroughly inspect coils for surface faults and imperfections and to rewind them tightly maintaining straight side walls. These lines include strobe lighting for ease of visual inspection. Computer-operated camera systems and pinhole detectors can also be provided.

Coil Dividing lines are used to decrease coil weight by parting larger size coils into smaller ones. Hydraulic crop shears are employed for parting operations.

Coil Preparation lines and systems are positioned ahead of or at the entry to high production process lines. Their function is to off-load time-consuming coil preparation operations from process lines, thereby increasing their efficiency. When required, lines feature high-speed shears and/or recoilers to remove the ends of the coils to further reduce feed-up time on the main process line.

Alkali Cleaning lines remove oil and surface dirt by chemical action. On some lines the cleaning action is enhanced by spraying the strip at high pressure and then brushed at special brushing stations. For superior cleaning and higher production needs, cleaning is achieved by electrolysis. In  Electrolytic Cleaning lines, the strip passes between two graphite electrodes immersed in tanks containing Na4SiO4 electrolyte. Degree of purity can be upto 95% at  250 mpm line speed.

Coating lines can apply various coatings to strip metal. These coatings can be for use in subsequent production operations such as deep drawing. In other cases, the coatings are applied for decorative purposes or to enhance the properties of the strip.

Acid Pickling- Hot rolled coils have a layer of oxide on its surface. Push-pull pickling lines ensure removal of surface oxides by chemical treatment using hydrochloric acid, prior to cold rolling process. Majority lines have edge-trimming facility and built-in features to avoid under/over pickling.

Embossing lines impart a decorative finish to strip metal. Uses for these lines include industrial or domestic building siding and consumer products, such as kitchen appliances and furniture. In these lines, the strip is passed through a pair of specially-engraved rolls that emboss the pattern into the strip under very high pressure.

Salient Features

  • wide processing range 0.10 to 20 mm, 314 to 2500 mm, input coil wt 40 Mt,
  • lines can process CR, HR, GP, CRGO, stainless steel, special alloy steels, foils and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass, copper,
  • incorporate a variety of auxiliary component equipment like scrap handling systems, side trimmers, edge guides, thread assist systems, turret type unwinds/rewinds, coil cars, sophisticated coil down layers and high production packaging systems,
  • multi-purpose lines, tailor made to suit customer requirements,
  • high degree of automation - reduces number of operators,  
  • engineering, design, manufacturing, automation, erection, commissioning and support all under one roof,
  • servicing within 48 hrs in any corner of the world,
  • readily shippable spare parts,
  • in house manufacturing of all equipment to maintain quality - delivery under 3 months,
  • 30 yrs of experience in Metal Processing equipment building,
  • lines competitively priced between 0.45 to 6 million USD
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