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Hot rolled coils have a layer of oxide on its surface. Push-pull type Pickling Lines ensures removal of surface oxides by chemical treatment using hydrochloric acid prior to cold rolling process. The type of acid depends on the material that is being processed.

For high production of strip ranging in thickness from 1.2 mm to 6.5 mm, continuous lines are used. In these lines strip accumulators allow coils to be loaded and unloaded while the strip continues to run through the pickling section. The lines are normally operated by integrated mill operators and are mainly used to pickle strip prior to cold rolling.

When processing strip with thickness between 1.5 mm to 16.0 mm, Semi- Continuous and Push-Pull Pickling lines are used. These lines are normally operated by integrated mills and metal service centers. 

Push-Pull lines process one coil at a time, thus removing the need for joining strips. This allows tremendous flexibility of operation and ensures ease of operation and maintenance. As there is no need for accumulators in such lines, these lines are very much cost-effective for medium volume of production between 200,000 to 1,000,000 tpa.

As these lines do not incorporate accumulators, heavy-gauge strip of a high tensile strength can be processed economically, and without work hardening. Threading of  Dassnagar Push-Pull lines is made easier by our unique pickling-tank design. The shallow tanks are made of granite and are ergonomically contoured to permit easy threading.

Our Offerings

For higher rate of production, Dassnagar offers semi-continuous and continuous pickling lines. In both these, continuous operation is achieved by welding/stiching. Accumulators are provided at entry and exit to allow continuous operation during the weld/stiching at the uncoiler end and removal of coils at the recoiler end. In continuous lines, the process section runs at a constant speed, while in semi-continuous lines, where the accumulators are small in capacity (normally, free-fall loops) the speed of the process section reduces during the coil jointing at the uncoiler and changeover at the recoiler. Such installations are cost-effective due to simplicity of the accumulator designs.

Apart from low carbon steel, Dassnagar offers Pickling Lines for copper and copper-based alloys and commercial grades of stainless steel.

Salient Features

  • low consumption - ensures maximum utilisation of the acid for pickling and least wastage through effluents, thus resulting into low consumption of acid per ton of production. Efficient recycling of acidic water in the system reduces drastically the consumption of water per ton,

  • low effluents - waste pickling liquor is very rich in iron contents and therefore low in volume. The acidic water effluent is also extremely low,

  • acid re-circulation system - acid recirculation system engineering ensures excellent pickling quality and trouble free performance. All acid recirculation tanks and piping carrying acid at temperatures above 60°are made from FRVE. Instrumentation, digital readouts and MMI's ensure continuous monitoring of the process parameters,

  • environment friendly: process sections feature special sealings of the tanks - efficient fume exhaust and scrubbing system to ensure no release of acid fumes within the plant and exhaust stack release of less than 8 mg/m3 of free HCl, as regulated by ISO 14001 standards,

  • lo-chlor: special washing systems after the acid treatment  ensures that the strips carry negligible residual chlorides which helps in prolonging the life of the rolling mill coolant during the subsequent cold rolling operation,

  • turbulent acid system: increases the rate of pickling by causing high turbulence in the tank and thus enabling high speeds and low treatment lengths. Shallow tanks made of granite specially contoured to permit fast and trouble free threading,

  • inline features: terminal equipment like edge-trimming, colour coating, cut-to-length etc. can be incorporated as per customer requirements.
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