Roll Forming Line Dassnagar manufactures world class roll forming lines, continuous roll forming process lines and roll former stands to process galvanised coils cutting to length and forming roofing sheets
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Roll Forming Line

Roll Forming Line

Dassnagar  designs and manufactures high speed Roll Forming Lines with entry cut-to-length section, catering to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Since shipping our first Roll Forming Line in 1986, we have developed tooling for over 100 custom shapes ranging in complexity from simple sinusoidal/trapezoidal roofing sections, angles and channels, to more exotic shapes, requiring multi-stage operations. Special purpose roll forming lines for products requiring strength and rigidity (e.g. Guard rails of Metal Crash barriers) are also available.

From input coils to finished roll formed products, excellent coil processing solutions are available with in-line operations like un-coiling, strip levelling, punching, embossing, shearing, forming, stacking and packaging. Our shape correction Levellers are suited to shape correction of roll formed products.

Tata Ryerson Continuous Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line
roll forming lines

Roll Forming Technology

Roll forming is a is a high-speed production process that can produce uniformed cross sectional dimensions throughout the length of the part.

It employs a series of paired roller dies to progressively shape a flat strip of metal into a desired contour such as a channel, an angle, or a tube in the process adding rigidity and strength to the metal.

Practically, all metals can be successfully roll formed.

Domains that we serve

  • Road & Building Construction
  • Automobile Industries
  • Steel Furniture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • Storage System Integrators
  • Allied Engineering Industries
  • Heavy Engineering

Custom Roll Forming benefits

  • High-speed, high-volume fabricating process,
  • Infinite number of shapes possible,
  • Thinner cross sections and practically any length can be roll formed,
  • uniformed cross sectional dimensions throughout the length of the part,
  • Almost any metal can be roll formed,
  • Eliminates multiple operations - secondary operations can be done at the same time, e.g., punching, notching, etc., thus saving valuable time

Salient Features

Dassnagar continuous Roll Forming lines come with a shearing section, employing mechanical start-stop or flying die shears. Flying die shearing lines are more expensive and used to process soft material and colour coated strips, requiring high surface finish. In all other cases roll feed lines are used. Flying shears are generally employed in post-cut roll forming lines.

Features available with Dassnagar continuous Roll Forming Lines are :

  • line speed upto 75 mpm with start-stop & flying die shears,
  • high yield @ 75,000 tpa - GP coils to roofing panels,
  • wide range of thickness 0.1 mm (min) to 6.0 mm, width - 1250 mm (max) and hardness HRB 60 to 100,
  • in house tool design and manufacturing of over 100 profiles,
  • spring back negligible (0.5 mm), no end flare at line speed of 75 mpm,
  • low set up and tool changeover time makes it possible to produce 3 to 4 or more profile shapes on a single line,
  • devoid of luder band, scratch, wrinkles - mirror finish,
  • online Logo Printing, Punching and embossing,
  • portable and aesthetic Roll Forming machines,
  • auto tail out function ensures that the coil is processed till its tail,
  • readily shippable spare parts,
  • erection and commissioning in all corners of the world,
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