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Coil Processing Lines for Sale


Following is a list of  new coil processing lines, available for sale :

These lines are ready and can be despatched within a period of 15 days. Auxiliary equipment can be incorporated if necessary.

To know more, please contact us.

metal crash barrier lines

Highway Metal Crash Barrier Line - Guard Rails

The purpose of this line is to produce Guard Rails (W-beam/T-beam) from ST 42/IS 5986 Fe 410/510 grade steel, available in coil form (5 Mt x 750 mm width). A series of in-line operations, namely uncoiling, straightening/auto-feedng, shearing, punching and finally Roll Forming results in formation of Guard Rails from an input coil. These pieces are collected over a roller table placed at the line exit. The line is fully automatic and require no manual intervention during line RUN.

Equipment Layout

  • Uncoiler
  • Pinch Roll
  • Straightener
  • Shear
  • Hydraulic Press (60 ton)
  • Pinch Roll
  • Hydraulic Press (30 ton)
  • Roll Forming Stands
  • Roller Table type stacker
  • Hydraulic Power

Price : The Metal Crash Barrier line is priced at 1,20,000 USD (ex-works). This includes cost of equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation. This excludes Erection and commissioning charges.

Continuous Roll Forming Line

The line is designed to cut and then transform full hard GP grade steel coils to corrugated roofing panels at a preset length. An entry Cut-to-Length section with a mechanical start-stop shear provides a continuous flow of cut sheets to the Roll Forming section. A Pinch Roll is provided just before the roll forming section to generate tension in the cut sheet, an important criteria for effective roll forming. A drop stacker with discharge trolley is provided at the line exit. The drop stacker is responsible for neat collection of roll formed panels on top of the trolley.  As soon as a stack height of 400 mm is achievable, the line is automatically stopped and the trolley with the piling on top is taken away from the line. At the same time an empty trolley is traversed back to the line. This ensures that the line stoppage time due to piling discharge is under 1 min. 

Features :

  • Multi-purpose line - Can be operated in dual mode namely, a> Cut to Length and  b> Roll Forming,
  • Roll Feed line with PLC controlled servo drive mechanism for precise strip feeding, Mechanical start-stop shear - capacity 60 cuts/min (max),
  • Pinch Roll and Five Roll Straightener with AC variable speed drive,
  • Drop stacker at line exit ensures neat piling of cut sheets or formed panels,
  • 20 Stands Roll Former with tooling for sinusoidal and/or trapezoidal profiles,
  • Line designed to operate at a speed of 0 - 75 MPM, 
  • Tolerances: Length Accuracy: 1 mm, spring back < 1 mm, 
  • Productivty- 23,000 tpa- Ref strip: 0.15 mm x 2440 mm x 914 mm x 25 Mt. Cut sheets/min - 17(2440 mm long); 19 (2000 mm long); 23(1750 mm long)
  • Delivery time less than 1 month,
  • Erection/commissioning and support in any corners of the world

Equipment Layout

  • Coil car with single coil storage,
  • Uncoiler with Overhung Mandrel,
  • Pinch Roll with 5 Roll Straightener, pinion stand  & variable speed drive,
  • Loop pit table with strip guiding rolls,
  • Feed Pinch Roll with AC Servo drive and zero backlash gear box,
  • Mechanical Stop-cut Shear,
  • Skew Roller Table,
  • 20 stand Roll Former with entry Pinch Roll & side guide,
  • Roller Conveyor,
  • Drop Stacker with trolley discharge system,
  • Hydraulic Power Unit

Productiviy : Equipment can produce a minimum of 17 cut sheets / min of 2440 mm length.

Pricing : The complete line is priced at  200,000 USD (ex-works). This includes cost of equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation. Erection and commissioning will be charged separately if included in scope.

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Coil Processing Equipment

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