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Slitting Line


Dassnagar designs and builds Slitting lines of superior quality - suited to processing of hot and cold rolled steel, black plate, stainless steel, nickel and other alloys, non-grain oriented silicon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and painted, plated or polished metals. Slitting lines are available as single/double loop, vertical lines, and super high speed, tight-line systems processing metal from fin stock aluminum to 5/8" steel.  Multi-blanking lines with slitting and shearing options are also available, in collaboration with  RED BUD.

The success of our Slitting Line is based on reliable performance of the machinery components. Proven designs, such as our precision single and double eccentric slitter heads, consistently permit slitting, to the highest quality and accuracy standards.

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Eccentric Slitter

The heart of a Slitting line is the Slitter performance. The most important factor affecting the long-term accuracy of  Dassnagar slitters is its double eccentric arbor design. In this configuration, the separating forces of slitting are absorbed by the housings instead of the adjusting mechanisms. The tolerance on the slitter arbors i.e. parallelism and roundness are in microns, resulting in consistent slitting with repetitiveness, even after 5 years in continuous operation.

Both the arbors are supported on preloaded tapered roller bearings, eccentric sleeves, and robust housings which virtually eliminates any horizontal or vertical movements. As a result of this sophisticated design, Dassnagar slitters operate over long productive lives with minimal endplay and run-out accuracies.

Quick change of Slitter head

A mechanical arrangement is provided for quick change of slitter head reducing 'downtime' significantly. Upto four spare slitter heads can be accommodated by the system.

Coil Handling Equipment

Dassnagar  provides a variety of productivity and quality enhancing components that can provide cutting edge in today's increasingly tough business scenario. They may be used in new lines or retro-fitted to existing ones. These products reduce downtime for coil maneuvering, for example a coil handling system may include a turret type unwind or a rewind, coil down enders and conveyors. Auxillary equipment may be floor or pit mounted coil cars, powered turnstiles, thread assisting systems, frictionless tensioning devices like belt bridle tensioning system and scrap handling equipment like scrap chopper, scrap baler, scrap winder. We also offer overhung/stub and cone hydraulically expansible mandrels as spares for all strip thickness and width.

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Dassnagar also manufactures edge-trimmers. The edge-trimmer heads can be injecta-mounted, inter-changeable with the slitter heads or can be built into dedicated edge-trimming lines.

Quick Change Systems

Dassnagar quick change systems like automatic tool changer, slitter head change, enables reduction of down time enhancing productivity. A good example is our Belt Wrapper which automatically initiates wrapping on the mandrel without gripping and bending the tail. Coupled with poly-urethane mandrel sleeve, the belt wrapper protects till the last wrap end of the strip thereby eliminating wastage of the tail material. Our Scrap Ballers, Choppers and Winders are proven scrap handling systems that provide processors with efficient scrap handling.

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Dassnagar Advantages

  • wide processing range 0.10 to 15 mm, 400 to 2500 mm, input coil wt 40 Mt for strips, 40 to 60 for foils,
  • suited to CR, HR, GP, CRGO, foils and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass, copper and more,
  • two speed line for different thickness range (optimise the ratio of electrical cost to productivity)
  • automatic strip threading and sleeve removal,
  • fully automatic coil peeler for precise feeding of the coil leading end into the flattener entry pinch roll unit,
  • double eccentric slitter head with quick head change mechanism,
  • crop cut hydraulic shear to square the lead end and for coil parting, 
  • frictionless tensioning device - belt-bridle tensioner unit,  
  • minimal burr on strip edges due to high running accuracy of knife arbors,
  • constant distance between the last deflector roll and the winding position of the recoiler due to continuous traverse of the back tension unit during winding operation; hence absolutely straight-edged recoiling (additional separator disks not required),
  • incorporate a variety of auxiliary component equipment like scrap handling systems, side trimmers, edge guides, thread assist systems, turret type unwinds/rewinds, coil cars, sophisticated coil down layers and high production packaging systems,
  • no manual interferences required because the scrap baller is pit mounted,
  • high degree automation enables precise process and production control,
  • servicing within 48 hrs in any corner of the world,
  • readily shippable spare parts,
  • in house manufacturing of all equipment to maintain quality.
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