RFID Consulting company
RFID Consulting company Dassnagar Home (Dassnagar Infosystems provides RFID Consulting and system integration to the Asian countries. Asset tracking solutions are available for both fixed and mobile asset management.
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RFID Consulting company
RFID Consulting company
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RFID Consulting company
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RFID Consulting company
RFID Consulting company RFID Consulting company RFID Consulting company
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RFID Consulting company
RFID Consulting company

RFID Consulting

Dassnagar Infosystems utilizes superior radio frequency identification technology to implement a complete asset management system to allow IT systems to interact with real world assets without user intervention. RFID technology is a highly reliable way to electronically control, detect and track a variety of items using FM transmission methods.

The most basic RFID system contains an IC chip called a TAG (transponder) with an integrated antenna and a transceiver called a READER. The tag is activated by a radio signal with preset frequency and sends a signal in return. The reader (encoder), which acts as a transceiver, can read-write information on the chip. The read/write RFID tag is therefore the smallest client of a client server information system.

DIS-RFID tags or Data Access Points (DAP's), may be fixed/embedded into virtually any fixed or mobile object  and individually identifies that object. Each DAP can store data related to the respective asset, and when activated by a reader, communicates with any standard asset management interface. Unique, factory-programmed, unalterable code prevents counterfeiting the tag, a feature missing in barcode systems.

RFID tags come in two basic types:

   RFID Consulting company Passive tags
   RFID Consulting company Active tags

RFID being a non LINE OF SIGHT technology, systems overcome the limitations of barcodes, which makes RF systems work effectively in hostile environments, where excessive dirt, dust, moisture and/or poor visibility would normally hamper rapid identification.

One of the most outstanding benefits of RFID is its ability to read through these environments at remarkable speeds - responding in less than 100 milliseconds in most cases. Furthermore, RFID is completely automatic and transparent, eliminating the need to scan an object manually or activate a magnetic stripe, reader, or other contact ID technology. The application of RFID technology is limitless and applicable to a wide range of industrial applications.

Dassnagar Infosystems in collaboration with its overseas partners, is in the process of developing end to end asset management solutions targeted to industries like supply chain, logistics, transport, oil and gas, retail, textile, manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

Dassnagar Infosystems also offers RFID System Integration services where the customer buys the solution directly from an overseas solution provider and then we integrate it for you.

For a custom quote, email us at mentioning your query in the subject line.

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