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"Great work from a great web design team. You can't go wrong by choosing Dassnagar for outsourcing your web design needs. This Dallas and Indian web design teams are creative & also understands your business."

Elizabeth Moore
Dallas Design Company

"I am very happy with Dassnagar India for their excellent service, responsiveness and subject matter expertise. " 

Richard Pybas
Dallas IT Consultant

"Dassnagar is a true sense Florida web designer. Indian division operates as a timely, efficient and very accommodating business partner that adds value to any webmaster's project. By outsourcing to them I was able to cut production time in half and end up with a far superior result. From SMALL PROJECTS TO VERY LARGE PROGRAMMING INTENSIVE JOBS, DI has proven a trusted and valuable business partner time and again."

Tanzania Harris,

"Dassnagar India is a first class operation. After sending them some URLs to site designs that I liked, the first concept that they showed me was almost exactly what I wanted. It was very unique and professional, and it only took 24 hours for them to produce. Dimension India then worked with me to make final changes and customizations IN REAL TIME. It was amazing to see how quickly my website design took shape, right before my eyes. As a software developer, I know how hard it is to find good help. These guys are it! I definitely plan to use them again for some upcoming projects."

James Scott,

"I was a little unsure as to how this would work out but as it turned out I end up with a job well done and a new friend overseas, A great efficient way to do business. "

Vern Muir,

"I highly recommend this Indian web design team. They over-deliver on all of their projects. I have now completed several design projects with them and my team is delighted with the results... If you want a job well done for a very reasonable rate - this is your Partner" 

Twinkle Chacko

"Great work, exceeded expectations and delivered ahead of time. Very professional, perfect English, would definitely do business with again. Plus represents the opportunity for you to give work at the end of the day and wake up with it done, amazing! " 

Mike Brearly

"At start I was a little bit stressed, when I assign a project to somebody I have never met in person. But, as soon as I started to work with Dassnagar India all my fears were gone. These guys are very reliable, very talented and they really care about the client's needs. I was always changing my mind on how my project should look like and they were always doing what I wanted...with no extra cost. And speaking of cost, their prices are unbeatable. I recommend Dassnagar India with out second thoughts. Personally, I have already  assigned them with new projects! " 

Steven Hafer,

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