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Software development company in India provides offshore software development dedicated to healthcare industry. Software Development dedicated to healthcare India Software development company provides offshore software development dedicated to healthcare industry
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Calcutta (kolkata) web development company provides offshore software development dedicated to healthcare industry.

Healthcare Services > Clinical Trial System / Hospital Asset Management

An integrated methodology and procedure set to analyze data obtained during field trials of drugs and other forms of medication targeted to healthcare industry.

Scope of the offering

Systems built around our offering will enable data from the following aspects of clinical trials to be captured and analyzed.

  • Demographic details
  • Eligibility criteria
  • General history of participants
  • Vaccine/medication administration details
  • Details of local and general symptoms
  • Details of serious and/or adverse reactions, if any
  • Details of lab tests conducted on participants (e.g., urine , blood tests)

The analytical engine, will, of necessity, be customized to cater to the requirements of the study at hand. Suitable bio-metric techniques can be incorporated, depending on various aspects of the study like sample size, statutory reporting requirements, gaps in data collection etc.

Functional components of the offering

The offering consists of a set of readily customizable tools that cover the following functional aspects of a clinical trial analysis system:

  • Paperless Data Entry
  • Query Tool
  • Marking Tool
  • Central Data Collection
  • Replication/Data Transfer
  • Freezing Data
  • Audit Trial
  • News ( E-mail )
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Technical support/Help

Hospital Asset Management solutions

Dassnagar Infosystems implements superior radio frequency identification (RFID) based systems targeted to smart hospital asset management and access control. DIS-RFID systems may be used to track patients, doctors and expensive clinical equipment in hospitals. RFID tags can be attached to the ID bracelets of all patients, or just patients requiring special attention, so their location can be tracked continuously. To know more, please contact our Kolkata (Calcutta), India offshore software development centre.


  • Continuously track each patient's location with the click of a button,
  • Real time tracking of the location of doctors and nurses in the hospital,
  • Track location of expensive and critical instruments and equipment,
  • Restrict access to drugs, pediatrics, and other high-threat areas to authorized staff,
  • Monitor and track unauthorized persons who are loitering around high-threat areas,
  • Facilitate triage processes by restricting access to authorized staff and "approved" patients during medical emergencies, epidemics, terrorist threats, and other times when demands could threaten the hospital's ability to effectively deliver services,
  • Use the patient's RFID tag to access patient information for review and update through hand-held computers, pocket PC's.

hospital asset management

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