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offshore software development company from kolkata, india
offshore software development company from kolkata, india
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offshore software development company from kolkata, india offshore software development company from kolkata, india offshore software development company from kolkata, india
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Manufacturing Services

Dassnagar offers business solutions for discrete, batch and flow manufacturing. Our solution strategy covers the key manufacturing management aspects of planning, execution and control. The manufacturing intensive companies depend heavily on plans - be that of demand forecast, work order, production, capacity requirements, product / batch / cost structure or material requirements - as the cost of not planning is prohibitively very high in terms of loss of business and sunk costs. And the perfect plans call for judicious deployment of manpower and machine resources across work centers with right routings and scheduling for effective shop floor control. Besides right manufacturing plans and executions, the companies need to keep an eye on all types of variances - that of demand forecast, production, defect, cost and stock. The reduced manufacturing cycle time and quality manufacturing are key value additions that help companies to leverage on resultant quick deliveries and favorable price structures.


The benefits that accrue on account of the business solutions offered to the manufacturing industry range from the most intangible to the highly quantifiable.

Our solutions have touched all segments of the manufacturing industry :

  • Continuous and Process Industries, 
  • Discrete manufacturing companies,
  • Project manufacturing organizations

Manufacturing organizations can trust our solutions :

  • to iron out islands of information through integrated business management solutions like ERP,
  • used group ware solutions for tracking and monitoring customer requirements and to comply with the ISO norms,
  • to increase accountability within the organization,
  • to streamline the data flow between different functional groups in a typical manufacturing organization like R&D, procurement, shop floor, sales and finance

Solution Benefits

DIS Reduction in.........

DIS Improvement in.........

DIS Cycle Time DIS Yields
DIS Production Throughput time DIS Capacity
DIS Inventory DIS Direct Labor Utilization
DIS Customer delivery time DIS Self directed work environment
DIS Space Requirements  
DIS Direct Labor  

RFID tracking in manufacturing lines

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