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Offshore software outsourcing Company India
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Offshore IT software outsourcing India Offshore software outsourcing India Outsourcing software Development and programming to India
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IT Outsourcing & Wireless Software Development

Dassnagar Infosystems is an Offshore IT Outsourcing Software Development Company India offering a wide range of Offshore Software Outsourcing and IT Consulting services including wireless software development and deployment. We provide you the next generation WAP solutions for your enterprise ecommerce portals, short messaging system and a whole lot of wireless solutions.

Our software outsourcing India services are intended to serve businesses who rely on outsourcing development and programming to India. By judicious blend of Business analysis & Management with latest technology, Dassnagar develops state-of-the-art and custom software & web based applications. Our offshore outsourcing solutions enable reduction in the time and resources spent for a business process to take place for the clients, and serve to eliminate functional bottlenecks. 

We offer end-to-end  offshore outsourcing solutions in the most advanced Internet projects including web application development and design to customers from the small and medium businesses. With a complete spectrum of software outsourcing services on offer robust B2B and B2C web portals, advanced e-commerce solutions, dynamic web sites) we are able to take care of offshore IT projects from A -Z.

We design, develop, program and integrate PalmPilot, Palm Pocket PC custom software for the Palm Pilot Computing and Pocket PC PDA platform and m-business for handheld mobile data collection. Our wireless software development team have been developing and maintaining PDA / Palm based wireless software applications. In the course of the wireless application development, the team has acquired strong experience in various PDA and HPC operating systems, such as Windows CE all versions, Pocket PC all versions, Handheld 2000, Symbian (Psion), and Palm OS.

  • DIS developers have excellent experience in MFC and API under all the above OSes,
  • We work with all types of screens, including plain screens and touch screens,
  • We work with Infrared port, COM port, Network, and all synchroni-zation types on these devices,
  • Our engineers create custom interfaces, non-standard buttons, toolbars, etc
  • Our solutions support multi-threads where possible,
  • DIS team has a proprietary optimization know-how for stor-age/ speed ratio,
  • Our portfolio includes complex math algorithms under PDA OS, a graphic interface, file management, Internet software, etc

PDA / Palm based handheld programming

Dassnagar Infosystems identifies the following possible areas of the application developments for the PDAs and Palms to be developed in near future :

1. Process Automation System

The robust built of the PDA suggest the use of these PDAs in heavy industrial environment, While industry processes are generally Micro-controller/PLC/PC controlled, the administration and MIS part of it can be effectively done using these PDAs. This solution can be used for all the manufacturing industries where some automation or no automation of processes is done.

2. Sales force Automation

Theses PDAs can be effectively used as the mean to capture the data at the Point Of Sale (POS). These types of application will have Credit card related transactions, Online ordering, Order status tracking systems. Target industries can be Pharma, Engineering works, Courier/Parcel Services.

3. Gaming Software

One of the biggest software industry, we add the new mobile dimension to it, the improved processing speed and ease to use gives rise to the innumerous innovative games. Since the human-machine interface is different from the conventional interfaces, lot many innovations can be done. DIS is working on J2ME based Mobile Games SDK.

4. SMS Management Software

With instant communication being the need of hour, we can provide the SMS related services. PDA can act as the SMS client and can be used as the rich GUI SMS list management application.

5. ERP Support System

In most of the companies the ERP system is in place. The profiles of the managers, employers and employees can be linked with their PDAs so that they can get the information if anything happens with the matter that they are concerned with. This requires a lot of customization at both the ends, at the ERP server end and at the PDA application as well.

6. Conduit Application Development

There can be number of such Auto-Sync applications where the captured data/observations are to be synchronized with the Main database and the updation is to be done. These conduit applications are more like developed ones for the general PDAs.

7. Project/Personal Management Software

In industrial environment, where many projects are to be managed at the same time a person always need to on the move. This can be the ideal solution, some features that can be included are:

  • DIS Schedule and personal activities management
  • Gantt chart and bar chart of the activities of the project on which the person is working / controlling/handling
  • Resource planning
  • Project Calendar
  • Critical paths of the project
  • System generated alerts

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