Hire Flash Designers

Rent Flash Game Developers, and Actionscript Programmers on hourly rates

You can Hire experienced Flash Designers, Actionscript Programmers, Online Game Developers, on monthly Contract Hiring Basis. We provide dedicated, cost-effective offshore staffing solutions through our offshore development center in Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai, and you can have @ 60% cost savings compared to traditional on-site IT staffing.

The Flash Designer works exclusively for you for 8 hours a day for 22 days in a month. Total : 176 hrs a month but we charge you for 160 hrs with discounting based on engagement model.

Full Time Hiring (160 billable hrs) - Who is it For ?

Western web design companies or software companies who do not have a full time flash designer or needs additional flash designers to complete a project within strict deadline without recruiting a new employee on permanent pay roll.

Service Details:

We offer Money Back Guarantee in all Offshore Staffing Contracts.

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Rent Php Mysql Coder - Hire PHP Programming Team
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Hire PHP Programmers, PHP Developers from India on monthly contract
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Hire Flash Game Developers, and Actionscript Programmers on hourly rates as low as 10 to 30 US$ per hour. 2 weeks contractual agreement is minimum to avail Rent Flash Designers and 8 weeks for Actionscript Programmers.

Hire ASP.NET Programmers, C Sharp Developers

You can hire a ASP Programmer, Outsource ASP.NET and C Sharp project, rent Microsoft dot net programmer for all your Software development requirements on contract. They have extensive experience in Developing Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Dynamic Websites using PHP/MySQL and all developers are experienced.

Microsoft Gold certified and IBM Business Partner
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