Bespoke Database Solutions

Outsource Database Development, Programming, remote administration, and maintenance.

Dassnagar Infosystems offers bespoke database solutions for all types of web applications. As database designer we have the expertise to undertake large scale database development, remote database administration, database maintenance, database hosting and various kinds of Database Solutions that drives software applications. If you have a logical business concept, then we can transform it into a database driven internet application in PHP, Microsoft.Net, Java, or Cold Fusion platform, You can update the database through user friendly site admin without any programming knowledge.

Certifications as Database developers India

  • Oracle certified partner
  • Over 20,000 man-hrs spent on MSSQL Server and MS Access - "Microsoft Gold Partner"
  • mySQL / Post Gre database development experience as Open Source Software Developers.
  • Database Migration - DB2 to Oracle 11i
  • Remote Database Set-up, Administration and Maintenance
  • Relational Database design and development. Case Tools used to generate use case diagrams, database schema, three step normalisation, entity relationship diagram etc as per CMMi standards.
  • Database Solutions

We are one of the luckier Database Programming companies from India since we had an opportunity to see large demand for our database services quickly evolutioned from simple to complex. We were lucky to solve problems ranging from replicating 126 hotel databases to master headquarters database, Graphic Reporting, Data Warehousing environments to 24/7 high transactional databases doing over a 900,000 transactions a day using half a million worth Unisys/EMC hardware.

MySQL Database Development

MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database and is the cheapest among all database management systems. Since it is an open source technology, hosting cost is almost negligible. But as an RDBMS mySQL has many shortfalls and do complex applications in Open source are done in PostGre.

Microsoft SQL Database Development

Microsoft SQL allows companies to synthesize huge volumes of information, recognize and predict trends, and make accurate decisions about key business issues. Microsoft SQL is one of the most popular databases because of Transact SQL features like Implicit (triggers) and Explicit functions, stored procedures (pre-compiled blocks of SQL code), views, data type generation, replication on multiple servers which makes it a more efficient, user friendly but little expensive in comparison to mySQL. MS SQL is sold in blocks of 5 Mb @ 2 to 5 US$ @month and has to be bought separately. Compratively hosting companies allot Gb of mySQL with the Linux hosting offer.

Oracle Database Development

Oracle is the world's most powerful relational database management. Generally used with Java and sometimes with PHP and ASP.NET, it is mostly used for high volume performance sensitive data transactions. For example a bank uses Oracle but an ecommerce site can not afford Oracle based solutions.

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Database Driven Website

A database-driven Web site combines a basic, static HTML template wrapped around records from an external database, which are loaded into a pre-set space within the page. Template signifies tpl files generated after custom web design is completed.

Microsoft Gold certified and IBM Business Partner
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