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Search Engine Friendly Website Design and Development

Every website design needs to be made in such a way that it should be search engine friendly apart from being user friendly. Usually the cut throat competition in the website ranking entices many website owners to adopt not so appropriate steps that ultimately harms the website design from the visibility point of search engines.

This article provides some tips of developing a search engine friendly website design:

  • The first and foremost important issue for website design is finding the proper 'Keywords'. Keyword selection is very crucial as because the keywords selected must be consistent with the theme of the website design. There are many free tools available on the web which helps to find an appropriate keyword for the website design. After the keywords are found, those should be used smartly and wisely throughout the content of the website design.
  • The contents of the web page are also important way to grab the attention of the search engine robots. It is advisable that the top portion of the contents in each page must have maximum number of keywords possible because search engines goes through the top lines of the contents first.
  • Most of the search engines lay emphasis on the 'Meta Tags'. Meta tags helps the search engine crawlers to properly identify the website design. During to large scale spamming of keywords, the search engine crawlers now considers 'Titles' and 'Description' as the meta tags. The title meta tag should be a short sentence about the purpose of your site. On the description meta tag, write sentences on the greatest benefit for the website along with the keywords.
  • All the images must have 'Alt' tags with it so that if the image is large in order to get downloaded, then the visitors can view the 'Alt' tag where the description about the image is stated. Apart from that search engine likes 'Alt' tags because they can't read images. They can read those description attached to the images.
  • The website design should be made as small as possible. This will ensure that the website design is getting loaded as fast as possible and the visitors to the website is able to see them.
  • Link exchange also helps in search engine ranking. But it needs to be ensured that the websites with whom the website is getting linked should have PR4 and above. This will help in the ranking of the website immensely. If search engines finds maximum number of links onto a website, then it considers the website to be important and marks it as a reference.
  • For designing purpose there should be maximum usage of 'Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)'. This will make the website design very consistent and search engines likes consistent looking website design.
  • It must be ensured that there is no broken link attached to the website design. Broken links is not at all liked by the search engine robots. If a website is linked to those websites that are not existing anymore, then it effects the search engine ranking of the website drastically.
  • Search engine likes fresh contents. So the contents of the website design must be updated regularly. Also there needs to be constant addition to the contents of the website. The best way to add contents to the website design constantly is through articles or by publishing newsletters.
  • It must be ensured that all the web page of the website is HTML validated. HTML validation is required because search engines never likes those web page that contains errors. This is because they are not able to index those web page that contains errors with it. There are many tools available on the web through which one can ratify whether the
    web page of the website design contains errors associated with it or not.
  • There should be minimal use of frames, tables and java scripts simply because no search engine likes using these to the website design.

Dassnagar Infosystems website designs are search engine friendly. We also provide "top ten ranking" services in our search engine marketing programs. To know more about our Search Engine Promotion packages, please click here

To get a search engine friendly website please contact us.

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