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Indian Web Developers & Website Designer India

Selecting the best web designers and web developers is one of the most daunting tasks when outsourcing your web site to India. There are literally thousands of options from free-lance designers, to large national web design agencies and IT consultancies. Development processes range from a few hours putting together sites of amateur quality to projects by an organization with a proven and refined process for crafting a world-class web presence. Costs range from virtually free to millions of dollars - and every web developer is marketing their offering as a complete "results driven" solution. So how can you determine who should create your next online brand or application? This checklist will help you cut through the marketing smoke and mirrors that some website designers from India used to over charge and hide deficiencies. It will arm you with the questions that will separate the real result getters from the rest. In the end it will provide a true apples-to-apples comparison so you can make the right choice the first time.

Web Development & Consulting companyHow Long have you been in Web Design business ?

6 years with a project execution rate of 600 + web applications @year even at the time of the dot com scare, clients in 29 countries. Offshore Development centers at Kolkata, Bangalore and NewFoundland. Exponential growth for the past 3 years. (Our revenues doubled in 2004/5). We attribute our resiliency to our efficient process-driven operation and an unique outsourcing model that keeps overheads low, yet delivers SEI CMM certified quality deliverables. Our extraordinary growth comes from a balance of existing loyal customers that want to build on their success and new clients who are committed to "doing things right." Being a subsidiary of the 40 yr old Dassnagar group, investment in manpower and hardware have never been a problem for us since inception. Our targeted markets are North America and Europe. 

Web Development & Consulting company How large is your Web Design company?

Only 31 men in Bangalore ODC. 25 out of them are Graduate ENGINEERS and most of them have Masters in COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING or MBA. Paid much more than other Indian Web Development or Web design company. We have two Visualizers who have an Art School Background and overseas working experience something rarely found among Indian Website Designers. Aesthetic & appealing creations come from our Kolkata Web Design studio. Optimized graphic design and Flash animations by Action scripting is done by our Flash programmers unlike other Web Design firms who employ local institute trained flash designers lacking Flash Programming skills. "Quality comes from education" is what we believe and when experience combines education, the impact is lethal. We recruit only engineers or MCA's and train them up in our Bangalore training center. Very few Indian Website Designers or Web Developers can maintain an infrastructure that we possess. Investment comes from our financers "DASSNAGAR", a renowned business group all over Asia. Each and every steel plant in India and Asia have at least one turnkey  installation done by them. They are India's largest exporter of Coil Processing machinery.

Web Development & Consulting company Are you national or international ?

We tend to be 100% export oriented. In India we have limited customers like Premiers, Tata, Jindal, Modicare, Tirumala and a few more. Internationally we have been working for leading brands like Adidas, Nike, Honda, Mercedes, Code Plus, DNA Solutions, Bosch, Bank of Nigeria and many more....Our SEO division takes part in promoting American Health Insurance sites, a sector regarded as the toughest by the SEO industry. We have a Canadian division and branch offices in 6 countries in the world. Have a look at our top 20 web design and development clients.

Web Development & Consulting company Where do I find your Web Design Portfolio and Client Testimonials ?

Well - we are not a freelancing web designer who depend on portfolio and testimonials to get orders. An SEI CMM Level 3 firm do not require an introduction. Our quality certification and customer base speaks on our behalf.  

However to gain your confidence we have a list of our hi-profile international clients who have given us the permission to publish their names in our website. Visit Clients page.  We have over 10,000 international clients. Most of them have NDA contracts with us so we do not divulge their identity, even to our employees, to protect their integrity. We have designed, developed and now maintaining some of the most sensitive offshore investment sites hosted at the tax heavens. The owners do not want to get identified to stay away from anti-outsourcing protests.

Web Development & Consulting company What are the technologies that you work on ?

Answer is ALL.  ASP / JSP / PHP / .NET / J2EE / MS SQL / Oracle / mySQL / Access

We are a Microsoft Gold. So ASP, ASP.NET and C# comes to us naturally.
Open source and Java are our bread and butter (we are into wireless asset management systems and hand held programming where J2ME and J2EE are extensively used). We maintain separate teams in all three platforms and at the same time most of us are equally skilled in all three platforms. However we prefer JAVA (JSP/Servelets) as they are platform independent. But very few customers go for JSP as development and maintenance cost is much more expensive than ASP, ASP.NET or PHP. Generally we suggest ASP.Net/MS SQL as they are proven and most importantly have a company like Microsoft supporting them. PHP/mySQL is suggested for those who are looking for more cost effectiveness and their applications requires high volume Web server and data server space. Version control was and is always a problem in PHP and mySQL is not equivalent to MS SQL 2008 which comes with advanced automated features. Another disadvantage is that PHP is not owned by anybody so support in the form of a Software Vendor knowing the ins and outs is not available.

The hype of PHP is due to its cost effectiveness. With Free Source Codes in abundance on the world wide web, it is much cheaper to build an open source solution. So freelancers tend to offer services such as "Customization of Open Source Resources" which in other words means downloading one such free source code and then making small adjustments and cover it with a graphic design. But any intelligent investor would understand that this is nothing but a way to make money using a free resource. PHP is famous among India freelancing designer firms only because they get the source code free. PHP also has its merits but most of the time it is implemented to offer CHEAP.

Ideally applications requiring high volume hard disk & database space should select PHP. This is because not only PHP is free but its Operating system Linux is also free and the database software mySQL is also free. So WEB HOSTING cost of PHP websites are lesser than ASP sites. The development cost is about 20% less too.

Web Development & Consulting company What can be the Project Value ?

We offer Web design & Development solutions for SME's. We have executed projects  over a wide price range 500 USD for a static website and can go up to 5,73,000 USD for Online Banking Projects such as an Online Swiss Bank https://www.loyalbank.com

We maintain separate divisions and projects are handled in order of merit. Our infrastructure is suited to Cost effective Offshore Software Development. To get an idea on our pricing model click here. We are not a cheap Web design & Web development Company, rather we are cost effective.

Web Development Do you outsource Web Design & Web development services ?

Yes we do, but in a different fashion. Graphic creation is the easiest thing on Earth. Any 10th standard student if taught Adobe Photoshop can do that. So why we waste our time to do them. With abundance skilled Web Designers and freelancing outfits in this country, we get the low end graphic creation done by them. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE WEB DESIGN TO ANY INDEPENDENT FIRM but WHAT WE DO IS HIRE THEIR MANPOWER who come and work at our ODC in Kolkata or Bangalore under the guidance of our PM's. End of the day, the graphic files generated are sent to one of our Multimedia experts and then he starts optimizing them. Websites made by us are Search Engine friendly. Optimized Graphic Design and Action scripted Flash programming  keeps file size to a minimum. Action scripting is a technology in itself and Flash animations made by Action scripting are light weight and appealing. We have optimized Flash files of 350 Kb to 25 Kb vide Action scripts and optimized graphics.

We also hire local manpower for scripting. A successful Software should have an architecture on which it is built. 80% of Indian Web Design companies don't even know how to handle a Case Tool like Rational Rose or Designer 2000 or Clear Case. So how can one expect them to build Database driven applications. Without case Diagrams and Normalization, relational concept can never be properly established in a database. The only way you can establish Data Concurrency is by establishing  relationship between all tables in which case data entry in one table will influence data entry to another table which is our objective. As a Database Designer one needs to ensure that same pairs of data are entering into multiple tables at the same time. To know more about Advanced Database Design techniques, email us at .

Within our business model, we can offer you extremely competitive pricing and the quality is maintained even though manpower is being outsourced.

India Website Designers What kind of sites do you make ?

Anything except Adult sites, gambling sites, racial violence related sites. 

Our first choice is Database driven web applications, Business to Business & Business to Customer Portals, Enterprise Portals, Intranet & Extranets.

ECOMMERCE is our bread and butter. EBUSINESS is our passion. We like to prove ourselves as the country's number one eBusiness Consulting company. We have 5 eBusiness Consultants working with us. Our team has built Online Payment Systems, Digital Currency issuers and Exchangers, Forex Trading sites, Casinos, Offshore Investment Portals, Managed Forex Accounts and a lots more custom ecommerce applications. We can integrate any payment gateway in the world. 

We also have a sister division dedicated to Small Business Web Design & development Typically a Small Business Ecommerce site with an automated Admin can cost 1000 USD at our place. A site like www.alohadvd.com can cost 1500 USD. The site has a multilevel Admin and all Payment gateway can be set through Admin. Each and every portion of the site is updateable through a CMS Panel interface which resembles MS Word. These sites are self maintained. One time cost in a life time. To know more write to us at   .

Graphic Design company How does a client evaluate his project ?

We can develop on your server from the very first day or on one of our test servers.

24 x 365 evaluation is possible from Day 3 following order.

On final approval we install the site on your server and set it up. 3 months free maintenance and 365 days warranty on the Software ensures that your investment is valued for one full year. Any specific questions can be addressed to  .

Indian Web Developers Who are your sub vendors ?

Our manpower consultants include some of the reputed local firms. Most of them have an ISO certification, a hall mark of quality. Website Design India (ISO 9001), Interra (ISO 9001), SEO-India, TgSoft, Cybertica, Bright Sols are permanently associated with us. We are choosy about manpower outsourcing and that is why we select from these companies who themselves have application installations to their credit. We also have small time web designers working for us on low end graphic designing on hourly rates. Some of these firms can be found in the search engines.

We do not outsource projects but we hire man power and make them work at our ODC's under our Project Manager's guidance. This enables us to maintain our quality intact at a lower overhead than using permanent employees on our pay rolls.


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