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Web Promotion Mistakes

After creation of a trendy website, the most vital role is to promote your site in the search engines like MSN, Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc. and slowly improve your rankings that will increase your sales and traffic. Most webmasters, especially beginners starts their website by taking some serious steps to receive thousands of traffic from the very  next day, They seek illegal ways to promote their website technically termed as "unethical search engine optimization" and get some kind of traffic within a short time. Unfortunately the success is short lived and when search engine spiders find out the illegal practices they slam their doors shut on such sites and ultimately their websites may be banned or penalized from major search engines.

Search engine ranking is not over-night process and webmasters generally follow the following guidelines, so that on longe term basis their sites do well on the search engines. Your site will definitely rank in major search engines and ultimately increase sales and targeted traffic provided you have patience to wait and optimize ethically..

1. DO NOT submit an  under construction website. This will lead to pushing your site to a corner of the Search engine index.

2. DO NOT Spam. Content should be written for visitors than for search engines. Lot of webmasters jam the paragraphs with keyword repetition. The sentence construction more often is incorrect. Use keywords effectively and meaningfully in your content. 

3. Use 301 redirect when you change your domain name. Do not use any tricks on redirecting traffic.

4. Place your site in free directory like http://www.dmoz.org, http://www.dir.yahoo.com or http://www.gnetdirectory.com and you will receive good results for ranking as well as traffic of your site.

5. You should avoid wrong methods of web page optimization. Search Engine rules are always changing and you should keep touch when you will try to optimize your site. Remember that you should not create doorway or pages that will affect your ranking.

6. I would recommend you to increase your page rank but you should not involve in link farming or use an auto link exchange programs or site networks.

Search Engines will penalize if you use the techniques. It is better to start link exchange in legal ways and start link exchange in quality sites

in your category. If you start link exchange with unrelated category, that will affect your search engine ranking and may be penalize by search engines.

7. You should not prepare web pages with too much keywords and it is better to use different keywords at different places of your site. Use maximum two keywords per page.

8. You must not include your site in the same IP Address and that will definitely down your PR.

Some of the website owners are trying to receive untargeted traffic but this will not help to increase your sales. Try always targeted traffic and search engines can give always give targeted traffic, so that concentrate more with search engines and that will help to increase your more sales and more reliability of your business. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.


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