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Difference between Organic SEO and PPC

It doesn’t matter how great your website is if you don’t get visitors. This is where Organic (Natural) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) becomes so important, as they drive traffic to your website. What are SEO and PPC and how exactly do they help your business?

Search Engine Optimisation and PPC: Conceptual Differences

The most important thing to remember is that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and PPC are complementary strategies. There is no conflict between using the two techniques, and both will be more successful if used together as opposed to using just one or the other in isolation.

The most obvious difference is the price tag that comes with these two techniques. You are paying for the clicks that PPC sends your way, whereas the clicks from Search Engine Optimisation are free. Getting to the top of the Search Engine Optimisation tree for your most lucrative search keywords requires extreme hard work. Getting to the top of the PPC for identical search terms requires financial potential (just how much is dependent on the competition for that particular search term) and work. Both PPC and Organic Search Engine Optimisation require hard work researching keywords so that you know which search terms to buy (for PPC) and which terms to optimise for (SEO). Different creatives per search term or group (PPC) and different tags for each page of your site (SEO) both need to be written to entice customers. Natural Search Engine Optimisation has the added complication that the title tags need to be written with the search engines in mind as well.

PPC can be characterised as INSTANT traffic to a site. If you’re willing to pay the price of the clicks, and your bid is on the higher side you can choose search terms in the major Pay per Click engines. Providing your search term has enough traffic, and your creative is tight and enticing, you should notice a bump in traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation is a slower process. You are unlikely to see major changes to your traffic in the early stages, as so much of Search Engine Optimisation is to do with the structure and environment of your site.

However, the effects of Search Engine Optimisation are long term thus making it far cheaper than PPC. With PPC, the moment you stop your payments the traffic dries up entirely. Search Engine Optimisation on the other hand will continue to bring in traffic even if you stop SEO work on the site, although you will need to ensure that your SEO campaign keeps abreast of changes in the search engine algorithms.

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click go hand in hand and you have to implement a combined strategy to achieve best results. That is why you should hire a search engine optimisation company who has done successful campaigns. SEO India is our recommended SEO company who brings results. Try them.

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