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roll forming line

Case Study - I

Tata Ryerson Ltd  -  Continuous Roll Forming Line


Tata Ryerson Limited is a joint venture of Tata Steel Ltd and Ryerson Tull Inc USA.  With the vision of providing toll processing services to TISCO CR division, an MMC was set up inside TISCO works. TRYL had planned to install a Roll Forming line which may also be operated as a GPCut-to-Length. Targeted productivity of  export quality corrugated sheets was 1,50,000 tpa, to be met by using three continuous Roll Forming Lines @50,000 tpa per line.

Tata Ryerson Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line

The Challenge

Tata Steel will introduce full hard GP sheets (Coil form) into the market with the brand name "Tata Shaktee" which shall be a unique brand in terms of quality. TRYL as the service provider, will be processing the same to satisfy global customer necessities of corrugated sheets for roofing purposes. The company's aim is to achieve high productivity of 50,000 Mt @line maintaining superior quality at par with international coil processors.

The Solution

To meet the annual productivity of 50,000 Mt, the estimated speed was 60 MPM, which is high to be achieved especially in large panel full hard corrugated sheets. Dassnagar offered a continuous roll forming line with a top operating speed of 70 mpm. The roll forming line can produce both sinusoidal & trapezoidal roofing sections depending on the tooling profile. Spring back is negligible (pitch tolerance  < 1.5 mm), with no edge bending. The entry cut-to-length ensures continuous supply of cut sheets to the roll forming section. The line can also be operated as a roll feed GP Cut-to-Length line with provisions for automatic stacking and piling discharge.


  • No erosion of Zinc coating, or appearance of lauder bands, marks, 
  • Spring back negligible, pitch tolerance < 1.5 mm,
  • Perfect end to end profile matching during overlapping of sheets,
  • Quick interchangeable tool changing mechanism - sinusoidal/trapezoidal tooling profiles,
  • High degree of automation ensures less number of operators (2 @shift),
  • Line can be used to generate various roll formed profiles using different sets of toolings,
  • Line can also be operated independently as a GP Cut to Length,
  • Higher productivity (Estimated: 50,000 / Achieved: 70,000 tpa) per line,
  • Uptime of equipment - 98.88%
  • 100 % in house manufacturing ensures zero defect, spare parts available
  • Cost competitive and multi-purpose 


The roll forming line was successfully commissioned within 3 months, following which TWO more orders were placed. The entire Roll forming plant was commissioned in 2002 with an achieved productivity of 2,00,000 tpa.

Snapshot of Roll Forming Plant installed at Tata Ryerson - Jamshedpur

equipment layout  |   productivity
Roll Forming Lines
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