Coil Dividing Lines
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Case Study - II

Tata Steel (TISCO)  -  Coil Dividing Line


Tata Steel  is the Asia's largest steel producer and a global name for their superior quality cold rolled and hot rolled coils. Located in the industrial city of Jamshedpur, India they are one of  the world's largest business hubs. Coil processing and multiblanking line manufacturers, all over the world look forward to be enlisted as a TATA supplier, to get proper value for their technology and at the same time enhance their profile by adding the Tata brand name. Supplying a Coil Dividing Line to Tata steel hot rolling mill division, amidst competition with a galaxy of the world's best steel processing line manufacturers, was an enormous opportunity for a local company like Dassnagar. As the name suggests, the purpose of the line would be dividing larger coils into smaller ones according to process requirements. The coils to be processed could be high quality or scavenging grade, but in any case, the output coil telescopic tolerance after being processed should be less than 0.15 mm.  

Tata Ryerson Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line

The Challenge

TISCO HR division has developed a wide range of hot rolled coils. After rolling, a few sections remain damaged. Improper winding tension often leads to telescopic winding. TISCO wanted a coil to coil processing line which could be used to unwind these coils, so that the defective sections are traced and then sheared off, followed by recoiling. As the name suggests, the function of the line is to divide bigger coils to smaller ones.

The Solution

Dassnagar proposed an automatic Coil Dividing Line which could be operated at a top speed of 50 MPM.  The line encompasses a dual stub uncoiler (508 to 620 mm range), pit mounted coil car, hold down roll, snubber roll, peeler, pinch roll, three roll straightener, hydraulic crop cut shear, inspection conveyor, reject stacker trolley, side guide, multi-roll tensioner, deflector roll, recoiler with overhung (cantii-lever) three segment mandrel with gripper, hold down roll, coil car, coil weighing station. Transportation of coils from coil storage to mandrel and vice versa is by means of entry and exit Coil Cars. Precise winding tension control is possible by drag generator mechanism.


  • achieved productivity >50,000 tpa, @line speed 50 mpm,
  • output telescopicity < 0.15 mm
  • FIFE Edge guiding system maintains precise strip alignment 
  • no power loss in the form of heat - drag generator mechanism
  • auto tail out function ensures that the coil is processed till the last end,
  • precise strip tension measurement and control sag thru PLC control unit
  • dual stub mandrel accommodates 508 mm to 620 mm bore
  • uptime - 98.85 %
  • erection and commissioning completed 
  • in-house equipment manufacturing ensures zero manufacturing defects
  • readily available spare parts
Tata Steel - Roll Forming Line
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