Integrated Coil Processing Lines, Cold Rolling Mill Equipment
Integrated Coil Processing Lines
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Coil Processing Lines

About our Coil Processing Lines

DASSNAGAR has achieved industry prominence as a Coil Processing Line specialist. That's because we combine our vast knowledge, experience and resources to offer the finest integrated and cost-effective coil processing solutions, catering to cold rolling mills, service centers, toll processors, industrial and automotive users etc. Our sophisticated coil processing lines include Cut-to-Length, Slitting, Roll Forming, Electrolytic Cleaning, Tension Levelling, Color Coating, Galvanizing, Pickling, and special purpose Coil Processing Lines

Besides turnkey Coil Processing Lines, we also manufacture coil processing equipment  like uncoilers, recoilers, collapsible mandrels, coil cars, turnstile, straightener, precision levellers, eccentric slitter, edge-trimmer, scrap baller, scrap winder, scrap chopper, mechanical start-stop shear, Flying shear, magnetic stacker, roll forming stands, rolling mill stands and  more. Our coil processing lines and equipment features advanced technology, bullet-proof durability and unmatched reliability, establishing us as the leading Coil Processing Line supplier from India.

ISO 9001:2000

Tata Ryerson Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line

Our Mission

  • to design, manufacture, erection and commission the best in coil processing lines and equipment dedicated to the sheet metal processing industry,
  • aim is to become the preferred coil processing line suppliers to the world's most demanding of customers - steel plant, service center, toll processor, automotive.

Services Offered by our Coil Processing Division

1.  Turnkey supply of Integrated :

2.   Steel Plant Modernization

We are strategically and operatively independent. 

Our Products

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Dassnagar serves a variety of Markets in North America, UK, South Africa, Europe and Asian countries. We have the capability to Erection Commission turnkey process line installations all over the world.

  • Processors of Ferrous & Nonferrous Metals
  • Processing Line Manufacturers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Service Centers

Dassnagar Advantages

  • Over 25 years of experience in Coil Processing equipment building,
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified Design and Manufacturing process.
  • Turnkey solutions - engineering, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and support of coil processing lines,
  • Reduced costs thru value engineering - indigenous components,
  • Flawless end to end execution of large scale projects, worldwide,
  • Easy access to hard-to-find skills at low cost - The Indian Advantage,
  • 2500 sq. m of manufacturing space at the heart of Howrah,
  • Faster time to service 24x7 "Follow the Sun" workday,
  • Quality assurance - aiming towards 6σ process capability,
  • erection and commissioning of equipment, 
  • readily available spare parts at short notice, 
  • customer support and warranty, 
  • 100% in house equipment manufacturing, maintain quality and shorter lead time, equipment testing, trial run of equipment before dispatch.
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