Dassnagar manufactures world class slitting, cut-to-length, roll forming, electrolytic cleaning, galvanising, colour coating and special purpose coil processing lines for flat rolled steel and aluminium.
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Infrastructure is perhaps the single most important ingredient for a Coil Processing Line builder, to be successful in today's competitive business environment. From a computerised design department to a sophisticated workshop equipped with CNC machine, quality control, in house heat treatment facility, metallurgical test labs, Dassnagar have all the available resources, which enables us to deliver world class Coil Processing Lines at competitive prices and shorter lead time. Our geographical location enables us to tap the readily available raw material resources and utilize the pool of  low cost skilled manpower readily available in Howrah, India.

To know more about us, please write to us at  dpepl@cal2.vsnl.net.in

Tata Ryerson Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line


Following companies are included in the Dassnagar umbrella :

All are independent profit making centre, with their own establishment and staff.

Dassnagar Precision Engg Pvt Ltd - (DPE)

DPE is the Project division of the Dassnagar group dedicated to manufacturing of Coil Processing Lines and equipment. The  factory located at Prasastha by the side of the National highway, has a floor space of 2,500 sq M and employs a workforce of 100+. Equipped with a modern machine shop with sophisticated NC and CNC controlled machines, assembly line with heavy duty cranes, heat treatment facility, inspection room with precise measuring devices, enclosed space for TRIAL RUN, DPI has the ideal infrastructure to undertake huge volumes of Coil Processing Line manufacturing contracts. The factory also includes cabins for the management and staff, a conference room with tele-conferencing facility, high speed 64 Kbps LAN network connecting 15 terminals, Internet connectivity and uninterrupted power supply. Excellent transport facilities, abundant raw material sources and ready availability of low cost skilled manpower, are some of the geographical advantages enjoyed by Howrah (India) based manufacturing companies.

Dassnagar Precision Industries - (DPI)

DPI, the flagship company of the US $4 million Dassnagar group, is the Spares division located at Dassnagar, Howrah. Since last 30 yrs it has been the hub of business activities and the Registered Office of the group. The company employs 50+ skilled workmen besides hosting the R&D department. The top brass is stationed at  DPI and all important business decisions originate from here.

Besides administrative and managerial  proceedings, DPI has its own workshop  with conventional machine like Universal Milling, Lathe, Gear grinding, Hobbing, Gear shaping, Radial drilling, Boring, Cylindrical grinding etc. The workshop also boasts a well equipped assembly line with two overhead cranes, Inspection section and enclosed space for TRIAL RUN of 'Coil Processing Equipment'. Product range includes: 'Rolling Mill stands and accessories', 'Roll Forming Stands',  'hydraulic collapsible Mandrels', 'forged steel rolls-heat treated and grind', ' zero segments', 'Barrel Corrugation m/c', ' Centrifugal casting m/c', heavy duty (1000 kW+) 'steel plant gearboxes', 'differential gearboxes', 'spiral bevel - Power Plant gear boxes, 'heavy duty shafts and axles', 'fork-truck spares' and other mechanical machinery.

Dassnagar Mill Equipment Pvt Ltd - (DME)

DME, is the latest entrant in the Dassnagar umbrella, dedicated to export quality equipment manufacturing. DME employs 25 of the best workmen available in the country. With 750 sq M of workshop space, sophisticated assembly line with overhead cranes, digitized measuring gadgets handled by trained personnel, DME caters to the ever increasing demand of  Export quality coil processing machinery. Hi-tech coil processing equipment, like 'precision levellers', 'straighteners', 'uncoilers', 'recoilers', 'eccentric slitters', 'flying die shears', 'edge trimmers', etc are exclusively manufactured here. Coil processing equipment developments are also taken care by DME, in consultation with the R&D department.

Dassnagar Infosystems - (DIS)

DIS, is the Infotech venture of the Dassnagar  group. Established in 2001 as a division of Dassnagar Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd, DIS plans to undertake global Software Development projects across multiple customer segments offering both Engineering & Business solutions. DIS is focused on developing strategic business solutions involving Enterprise Information Portals, Internet Commerce, Business Middleware Components, and Knowledge Management. DIS are the pioneers in India in the field of  Asset Identification and Tracking systems, implementing wireless technologies like, RFID, GPS-GSM

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