Dassnagar undertakes steel and aluminium plant modernisation services to enhance productivity of its existing coil processing lines.
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Steel Plant Modernisation

Productivity enhancement - Revamping Coil Processing Lines

The productivity of a Coil processing line can be increased dramatically by modernising and automating its coil handling equipment at both ends of the line.

In recent years, strip-metal producers have increased coil sizes significantly. So coil processors need to modify their existing coil handling equipment, so that the existing line can handle higher load capacities, is workable at higher speeds, and with better output strip quality. Dassnagar can supply a wide range of coil processing machinery, to assist customers in this area.

These include heavy duty pit/floor mounted Coil Cars, Outboard bearing support  for overhung type Uncoiler and Recoiler - mandrels, turret type Uncoilers and Recoilers and more. Online scrap disposal systems such as Scrap Baler eliminates the need of slitting line stoppage - reduces downtime significantly.

Tata Ryerson Roll Forming Line
Tata Steel Coil Dividing Line
Raymond Steel Normalising Line

Quality and Productivity

Automated strip threading machinery can greatly ease the feed-up of strip in existing lines. Peelers, Breaker roll units and Flatteners can significantly increase productivity at line entry points. Rapid Feed threading systems reduce non-productive time involved in transporting strip across the looping pit. A notable time saving device is the Belt wrapper which automatically winds the strip tightly around the Recoiler mandrel, without the need to enter strip lead end into the gripper.

Scrap handling can also be a time-consuming operation. In slitting and edge-trimming lines, scrap handling systems like scrap balers, winders, choppers, can offer significant time saving. Powered carts and conveyor systems can also be supplied for scrap sheet removal.

Productivity and flatness quality of existing cut-to-length lines can be enhanced by installing precision roll feeds, flying shears, and Precision Levellers. Today's systems can achieve production rates as high as 250 pieces/min with cut-length accuracies +/- 0.025 mm. Flatness of '8i' can be achieved by our six hi Levellers .

The productivity of a cut-to-length line can be improved significantly with an efficient sheet stacking system. Dassnagar offers a wide range of stackers for all types of applications. These include Air float and Drop Stackers, Magnetic Stackers.

Rolling Mill Engineering and Consulting

Dassnagar consultants assist customers by assessing their existing machinery, recommending feasible solutions, whether they should modernize the existing plant or opt for a new one.

Rolling Mill & Coil Processing Plant Modernisation Tips

  • Coil storage devices such as this four-arm turnstile improve coil-loading efficiency,
  • Outboard bearings increase coil weight carrying capacities and improve strip tracking,
  • Strip-peeling devices improve productivity by reducing operator involvement,
  • Product quality can be improved by introduction of a precision leveler,
  • With multi roll tension units, slit coils can be tightly wound at very high speeds,
  • Scrap winders handle slitting-line scrap, discharging it to a bucket at the line exit,
  • Double stacker with discharge system increases productivity with less manpower involvement,
  • Incorporating a Flying shear improves cut sheet quality and increases productivity
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