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Project Management


Dassnagar brings a strong project culture which is reflected in development of a tight Project Management model. This enables us to handle multiple Coil Processing Lines simultaneously, build equipment in-house, test and then erection - commission within a stipulated time frame, as agreed upon in the project plan.

The model segregates a Project into 6 distinct phases. Project Management and Review activities form the outer layer, for the whole process, for effective management control, and successful execution. Each project is owned by a Project Coordinator who is from the senior managerial level. The Project Plan forms the backbone of all activities throughout the life cycle.

project management  


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Cut To Length lines Cut To Length lines
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Project Planning and Initiation

Budgetary Proposal

  • Scope of Supply
  • Exclusions
  • Proposed Equipment List
  • Equipment Layout sketch
  • Budgetary Price
  • Terms and Conditions

Detail requirements and functional analysis

Techno-Commercial Proposal (approval by client)

  • Project planning/scheduling
  • Scope of supply and freezed specification
  • Line Layout Drawing
  • List of utilities, consumables, motor list etc
  • Spare parts and Bought-out List
  • Commercial Terms
  • Document submission program - "DSP"


Design documents (approval by client)

  • Equipment GA drawings 
  • Civil Layout drawing
  • Piping drawing
  • Electrical Motor list and cabling
  • Wiring and process diagrams
  • Submission of Manufacturing and Inspection Plan
  • Submission of other documents as per "DSP"


Manufacturing plan

  • Internal Inspection Schedule
  • Client / Consultant Inspection Schedule
  • Quality Check by visiting consultants
  • Adherence to the Despatch plan
  • Erection and Commissioning dates

Erection and Commissioning

Execution plan

  • Erection of Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic Equipment
  • Alignment check
  • Layout of power cables and other electrical accessories
  • Cold Run
  • Load Test
  • Erection manual

Roll Out

Roll Out plan

  • Operator Training
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Plant Take Over certificate

Warranty :  1 year from the date of Commissioning

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