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Process Line manufacturers - Dassnagar: coil processing lines and equipment for sheet metal processing industry
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Quality Standards : ISO 9001:2000


Dassnagar, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Coil Processing Line and cold rolling equipment manufacturer in India. We employ the latest technology and methods to monitor the quality of its coil processing solutions. Trained quality assurance managers are following international QC mandate like SPC charting, Pareto Analysis, etc.  We are committed to achieve sustained business excellence by integrating quality principles and methods into all we do at every level of our company. 

This ensures that we :

  • anticipate and meet customer needs and exceed their expectations, every time,
  • relentlessly improve our methodologies - to deliver the best and be the most innovative process line manufacturer - faster and more cost-affectivity than our competitors.

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate


Quality Assurance

We have an in-house Quality Assurance team. This team not only monitors the quality of the developed equipment/project, but also suggests improvements in the development processes and ensures their implementation. Quality is a way of life at Dassnagar and it is our constant endeavor to improve on the existing standards, thereby giving our customers the value for money.

The above policy is achieved through the following objectives:

  • Reduction of re-work, by quality checks at all stages.
  • Adherence to Quality System through maintenance of quality records.
  • Providing optimum training to all personnel for quality related action.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through the combined efforts of planning the infrastructure and executing the projects through dedicated workforce.
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Quality Principles

  • Customer: A desire to serve customers. Investigate current and emerging needs,

  • Relationship: Build long-term relationships with customers and strategic suppliers based on shared objectives,

  • Leadership: Develop leaders who set high standards and expectations and create an environment for serving customers and achieving business excellence,

  • Innovation: Turning good ideas into better ways of doing business - working together, taking prudent risks, learning from mistakes, and implementing improvements based on what we learn,

  • Process: Manage work with a focus on results - improving efficiency,

  • Improvement: Strive to achieve both continuous and breakthrough improvements in cost, cycle time, and quality,

  • Performance analysis: To close the gaps that separate us from our goal to be the industry leader and improve the way we manage the business through systematic evaluation, feedback, and action.
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