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Search Engine Optimization
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Search Engine Optimization - Why SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective in several areas, in addition to ranking in the engines:

  • Branding
  • Lead generation
  • Sales (Website Conversions)
  • Website Usability
  • Persuasion

Search Engine Optimization is extremely cost effective form of marketing a business :

  • SEO generates pre-qualified traffic
  • SEO costs less than other mediums
  • SEO is easy to track and determine ROI
  • Average cost per lead for search engine marketing is $0.29!

How do search engines look at my site and how can you optimize the result?

The primary means is with a "spider", or "bot." In simple terms, this program follows links throughout the Internet, gathers information, and reports it back to the search engine.  Optimization and clean programming make it easy for these "bots" to read, classify and rank your website. It's also easy to stop one of these spiders with an un-optimized website. 

Flash, for example, is for the most part ignored or not read by search engine spiders. As a result, Flash based sites do not rank highly because the content in the Flash movie cannot be read and evaluated by a Search Engine.

Content is the king for an ethical "Search Engine Optimization" and organic ranking. 

How will The DASSNAGAR group optimize my site for the search engines?
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize domain and top level pages
  • Track the position 
  • Adjust the codes

In other words, to do proper search engine optimization, we need to first "understand your business". Second, adjust your content, the navigation structure of your site and the way it guides spider to inner pages. Third, measure our results and how the optimization has impacted users. Finally, make appropriate improvements and add to your market. For more details on our approach to systematic, disciplined and ethical search engine optimization, please read our Search Engine Optimization process.

Like our approach, Contact Us for a Search Engine Optimization quote.

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