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Search Engine Optimization India
Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization Company India SEO Cosnultant India
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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Consultant india
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Hire a Search Engine Consultant, Search Engine Optimization Expert

You can hire a dedicated SEO Consultant or a Search Engine Optimization Expert team to promote your website with greater authority.

The SEO Consultation service is generally taken by Online Gaming sites such as Casino, Poker and Real Estate booking sites, holiday rental owners and enterprise ecommerce sites who maintain their IT teams to maintain the software.

The Dassnagar Group offers a variety of SEO Consulting services.

Standard SEO Consultation: Up to a half-hour with a search engine optimization consultant (via telephone) discussing strategy, meta tags, keywords or anything dealing with your website in particular or the nature of search engine positioning. We'll answer your questions and get you headed in the right direction so that you can start to optimize your site and get better positioning. Cost is $100 payable in advance. Schedule a Phone Consultation by calling us at +91 9831262564.

Premium SEO Consultation: Prior to a 45 minute phone consultation, Dassnagar will produce and deliver positioning reports and an in-depth SEO analysis of your website. We'll personally review your site for any potential problems and we'll be prepared with recommendations for improvements during the consultation. We'll also answer any questions that you can think of regarding SEO and search engine positioning. Cost is $200 payable in advance.  Dassnagar can also arrange to travel to your business and consult on site. Schedule a Phone Consultation.

Consultation and SEO Training Services : We offer ongoing consultations at reduced rates. Contact us for pricing.

Private Label SEO Services: The Dassnagar Group offers web developers, web hosts, ISP's and other marketing professionals discount rates for SEO services for your customers. 

Read more about our Search Engine Optimization Plans and also about our Web promotion India  activities.

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