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Winning Search Engine Optimization strategies

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial element of online marketing and one of the keys for the successful planning and implementation is getting the right SEO strategies into practice. Following a logical and sequential process when optimizing your site will bring in higher ranking results faster.

Analyze Your Website

Analysing the website that needs to be optimized is the first step in your optimization strategy. Break down the website structure, closely examine all aspects of the existing site and come up with a new site structure and design if required. Make sure that all web design specifications of the site meet the technical parameters of the Search Engines .Content is another strategic issue that needs careful analysis. Find out the density of the required keywords on pages of the site, and draw up a plan to develop newer keywords and fresh content based on these keywords.

Start the Optimization Process

After looking over and deciding on new design and content parameters, its now time to implement the changes you feel are required. Here, you need to look at both on-page and off-page optimization factors. While on-page factors include having a keyword-rich content area and ensuring that the website follows design elements that can be easily understood by the search engine spider robots during the submission process, off-page factors like titles, meta descriptions, headings, alt tags and keyword tags too carry a lot of weightage with Search Engines. So make sure that your optimization process includes a holistic approach !

Submitting to the Search Engines

Choose the right search engines and directories to submit your site to. Google and Yahoo together drive more than 80 % of the search engine traffic, so submitting to these two directories first makes the most sense! Altavista, MSN Search, Teoma and Lycos are some other search engines that you can submit to. The Open Directory Project is a good directory that you can submit to. While submitting, remember to follow the guidelines followed by each search engine and directory. Choose the categories and sub-categories into which you will submit your site URLs. Also, keep in mind that while some search engines have free submission policies, Yahoo charges for website submission for its commercial categories. While search engines usually take anything from 4-6 weeeks to accept submissions and for a website to be reflected on its search pages, keep around 2-3 months for your submission process.

Linking to the Right Sites

Search Engines like Google place a lot of emphasis on linking to the right sites. If a website selling shoes needs to be optimized, relevant linking sites would relate to the shoe industry, the leather industry, sites showcasing shoe fashions and trends, site relating to shoe accessories and so on. However, be careful as linking to irrelevant sites and link farms might count against your site, harming your site rankings!

Site Monitoring, Reporting and Maintenance

All the hard work that has gone into analyzing, optimizing and submitting a website needs constant follow-up processes. Monitoring the optimization process, checking up on the search engine listings and rankings of your websites across various search engines and directories, figuring out what keywords and meta tags work and which ones dont are all part of your SEO monitoring process. Developing the right monitoring and reporting processes will ultimately help with the site rankings. Based on the results from checking up on your rankings, you also need to implement required changes that will help maintain the high ranks that your optimized website truly deserves!

For the best in Search Engine Optimization strategies that produce winning results for your site, Dassnagar can be an ideal choice.  Contact Us for a Search Engine Optimization quote.

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