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Search Engine Ranking

A query on a crawler-based search engine often turns up thousands or even millions of matching web pages. In many cases, only the 10 most "relevant" matches are displayed on the first page. Anything beyond the third page is overlooked. Ranking for competitive search phrases is the goal of any Search Engine Ranking campaign. Here are the basic things that should be taken care :

Pick Your Target Keywords

Your target keywords should always be at least two or more words long. For example, say you have a page devoted to search engine optimization. Anytime someone types "search engine optimization," you want your page to be in the top ten results. Then "search engine optimization," is your target keywords for that page. Dassnagar provide Keyword analysis report based on principal key phrase submitted by client. We have our own built Word Tracker software.

Position Your Keywords

Make sure your target keywords appear in the crucial locations on your web pages. The page's HTML title tag is most important. Failure to put target keywords in the title tag is the main reason why perfectly relevant web pages may be poorly ranked. Description tag is also important in some search engines like Yahoo. Other than this, proper placement of keyword in the content fetches dividends. Keyword rich text doesn't always fetch good rankings, rather appropriate placement of key phrases is the only way one achieves a top ten search engine ranking.

Have Relevant Content

Aim of a search engine is to fetch a site with good quality content relevant to the search phrase. For example a Search with "Web Development company India" brings www.dassnagar.com to Google #2 position. Quite rightly our services are in or around Web Development and we are a company and not a Developer. 

Build Links

Every major search engine uses link analysis as part of their ranking algorithms. This is done because its very difficult for webmasters to "fake" good links, in the way they might try to spam search engines by manipulating the words on their web pages. As a result, link analysis gives search engines a useful means of determining which pages are good for particular topics.

By building links, you can help improve how well your pages do in link analysis systems. The key is understanding that link analysis is not about "popularity." In other words, it's not an issue of getting lots of links from anywhere. Instead, you want links from good web pages that are related to the topics you want to be found for.


Avoid Search Engine Stumbling Blocks

Some search engines see the web the way someone using a very old browser might. They may not read image maps. They may not read frames. You need to anticipate these problems, or a search engine may not index any or all your web pages.

Have HTML (static links)

Often, designers create only image map links from the home page to inside pages. A search engine that can't follow these links won't be able to get "inside" the site. Unfortunately, the most descriptive, relevant pages are often inside pages rather than the home page.

Solve this problem by adding some HTML hyperlinks to the home page that lead to major inside pages or sections of your web site. This is something that will help some of your human visitors, also. Put them down at the bottom of the page. The search engine will find them and follow them.

Also consider making a site map page with text links to everything in your web site. You can submit this page, which will help the search engines locate pages within your web site.

Finally, be sure you do a good job of linking internally between your pages. If you naturally point to different pages from within your site, you increase the odds that search engines will follow links and find more of your web site

Stay away from too much of Flash and high resolution graphics

Flash output is a shockwave which is a binary file. Search engines cant read a binary so they neglect it. Flash doesn't hinder search engine optimization if the page download time is less than 1 sec. However to have that flash and graphics size have to be kept minimum to have faster download. Search engine spiders do not have the time to wait for a response more than a second. This is the reason SEO's ask customer not to be too fascinated by flash. 

Search Engine Optimization is the toughest of all Internet services. Though not a rocket science but requires sound programming knowledge and capabilities to optimise graphics and flash. Dassnagar has a  history of over 400 SEO projects.  Contact Us for a Search Engine Optimization quote.

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